Montreal Renovation

This web address is finally for sale!

$25,000 (with basic WordPress website and one year of maintenance)
$15,000 for the name without a website

Why is such a great investment?

  • It is the ultimate name for branding a contractor business in Montreal. You cannot beat it. The name automatically tells customers that you are so serious that you own the best name in the business.
  • The two most important keywords in the industry: Montreal and Renovation.
  • It is a dot com (.com) which is always the best version to have.
  • There are no hyphens or other distacting letters or words.
  • The name is ideal for any serious business that offers renovation services in Montreal. Even if the company name is not "Montreal Renovation". Note that re-branding to "Montreal Renovation" as a company name makes this web address that much more powerful for branding and legally.
  • There are many crucial benefits for search engine optimization (SEO) to get ranked higher in Google. The name has important keywords, it has been registered since 2006 which gives it longevity which is important for search engines, it encourages high quality keyword-rich inbound links, and so many more reasons.
  • If you use Google AdWords (Pay Per Click / PPC), the name appears prominently and encourages hyper targeted clicks to your website. This is great for increasing leads and potential sales.
  • You get an email address (e.g., which is very professional and the expected standard in today's competitve digitial marketplace.

All of the above and more make this web address extremely powerful as a sales and marketing tool.

Buy it today before your competitor does!